Full Fidelity Studio Services:

  • Song Production

When most people think of a producer, they usually think that it means that somebody is going to change their music. This should not be the case. A producers job is to help you design the sonic architecture of your music. To apply a audible brand to your sound. It is my job to unify the collective vision of your music and make sure you sound perfect every time.

  • Vocal recording

We can do anything from voice overs to producing a great vocal on your favorite karaoke track!

  • Mixing

Doesn't matter where or how you recorded your tracks. We offer world class high quality audio mixing. The possibilities are endless when you have the right tools and the knowledge to use them. We deliver afforable, radio quality mixes.

  • Mastering

Mastering is a complex process. Don't just make your final mixes louder. Make them clearer, fuller, and more punchy. Let us help you bring the most out of your mix.

  • Artist Development / Distribution

So what comes after you finish your album? As a Full Fidelity artist I will help you share your music with the world by helping you build an online presence, develop a professional quality live show, and a marketing plan as well as resources for selling your music.