Neumann TLM 103

This mic is a great workhorse. It is incredible on vocals, and absolutely beautiful on acoustic guitars and pianos.

Royer R-121

A world class ribbon mic. The 121 is hands down my favorite guitar cab mic. Its also great for a drum room mic and acoustic guitars.


Great little mic. Sounds killer on acoustic instruments, and drums. Pretty sweet on the sax too!

SE Electronics RNR1

Active Ribbon Microphone

Blue Mouse

Great Vocal mic. Incredibly rich lows and clear mids and Highs. Also a perfect mic on the kick drum

Shure SM81 Stereo Pair

Sm81s are awesome on as drum over heads, room mics etc.

Shure SM57 (x8)

A classic studio work horse

AKG 414 Stereo Pair

Another great studio staple. the are awesome nearly everywhere. Vocals, acoustic guitars, drum overheads, piano etc.

Audix D6

Great Kick drum mic. The heavy mid-range frequency scoop makes the kick drum sound fat and punchy. Also great on bass cabs

Akg D112

A studio classic on kick drums and bass guitar cabs

Yamaha Subkick

A low frequency mic that is perfect for getting that super low punch out of your kick drum and bass cab

Matchless Nighthawk

An absolutely incredible guitar amp.   Hand wired and extremely versatile.  One of my favorite pieces of gear in the studio.

Mesa Boogie Mark V

A very versatile guitar amp.

Avid Eleven Rack

Great amp and effect modeling unit.     a great studio tool for any guitar player.

Divided By Thirteen CJ11

A modern take on the classic 59 tweed deluxe. More clean headroom and a smooth fat low end. Hearing this in stereo with the Matchless is unreal.



Great set of Keys!

Roland X8

The Roland X8 has a great feeling action and a huge selection of sounds.

Drums(Kit - Accessories)

Premier Signia Vintage

Nothing beats maple in the studio. This rare Premier Signia is an absolute monster in the studio. This kit projects a huge and balanced drum sound no matter what style you are playing.

Yamaha Recording Custom

This kit sounds amazing. absolutely huge, and punchy. 24, 16, 13. This combined with our tightly tuned room, and SSL and Manley preamps makes for some absolutely killer drum sounds. No need to sample replace here. get it right the first time.

Ludwig Black Beauty

An absolute studio classic. One of many snare drums available to help get your sound right.

Digital Tools

ProTools HD

The industry standard in digital audio recording.

Microphone Preamps

Avalon 737sp

Great pre-amp for vocals.    Sounds absolutely killer behind the Neauman 

Summit Audio 2BA-221

Tube/solid state hybrid that sounds great on guitar amps and horns. 

Focusrite 428

A recording studio classic 

Solid State Logic Alpha

The harmonic drive control on these pre's really help the drums punch through the mix

manley dual mono tube microphone preamp

This pre-amp is super sweet on Acoustic guitars, drum overheads, strings, pianos etc.