Emily Pearce

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Emily Pearce


Emily Pearce writes music that will inspire you. Her songs will touch your heart and maybe brighten up your day.

She was born in 2003 In Salt Lake City Utah. And when she was 5, she started traveling with her family across the world and has now been to more than 32 countries. She has been writing songs ever since she was 9 years old and started learning guitar at 11 years old.

Since Emily has been traveling for most of her life, so she has had to say goodbye to many of her family and friends, which inspired her song “See You Again”.

Emily Is homeschooled and mostly learns online, but also learns from the world around her. Her biggest inspirations are Rachel Platten, Colbie Caillat, Taylor Swift, and Shawn Mendes.




See You Again-Emily Pearce


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